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At Nordenstjerne we are more than designers – we are craftsmen.

Surf Lessons for All

About nordenstjerne

Nordenstjerne is a reference to the bright star on the night sky, that fishermen has used as a guiding star when deciding what direction is north. You can always count on the north star to show you what is up and down, when navigating in the direction, that you decided to be the right one for you to head in. That is why Nordenstjerne, is the perfect name for the journey that we just embarked on. 

Our mission is: to revolutionize the fashion Industry! We will turn the world of the fashion Industry upside-down and redefine the standards. We are making fast fashion walk the plank, as we slowly but steady steer towards a new beginning. 

We will not tell you what print or cut is the new black, but we will invite you, to take part of our designing process, because only you know what piece is missing in your wardrobe. Our designer Alissia will inspire you with feminine and classic styles, that are being produced by order, to avoid waste of ressources in our own production.

We will create a community through our social media, from which we will host workshops on textiles, environment and the fashion industry. We will educate you and give you tools to better navigate, when trying to make a sustainable choice in fashion. We will also invite you backstage, and show you who made your clothes and how the entire process was like.

Our design

At Nordenstjerne we are more than designers – we are craftsmen. 

Nordenstjerne is founded on high ethics and a green mindset. We care for the environment, and you can wear our designs with a clean conscience. We are transparent in our production, and we only use deadstock fabrics or Econyl in our production. In that way, we minimize the pollution of the fashion industry, by only using the resources that are already there. Denmark has a long and proud history within fashion and design, therefore we have made the choice to only produce our clothes in Denmark. Most of the seamstresses are challenged in different ways, meaning that they can not work full time and it is important to us, that we contribute to their lives by giving them purpose and possibilities despite their challenges in life. By choosing to keep our production in Denmark, we say no to underpayment, bad working conditions and child labour and as a bonus, we do not have to go by plane to visit the factory, nor do we need to transport the clothes across the globe, saving the planet for unnecessary carbon emission.    

 Our passion for materials, and how they feel, bend, smell and age, ensures our designs are unique and of high quality.

When wearing a Nordenstjerne design, you must be able to not only feel the soft fabrics; but also the love, sweat and emotions that have been put into every single design. Every piece of fabric, thread and rhinestone has been handpicked by our talented designer Alissia, who has a preference for exclusive and natural textiles.

Sometimes Alissia finds a great lot of exclusive deadstock, enabling us to make 100 pieces of a certain style. But sometimes there is only enough fabric for one dress and therefore there is a great chance that the style you are looking at, is the only one ever to be made.   

Who we are

We are a strong team, consisting of our designer Alissia, who is an experienced designer. Jacob is great at numbers and administration, and also holds a PhD in material chemistry and then there is Belinda, she is the creative marketing type, who knows a thing or two about how to communicate to the right audience.

We are so different in so many ways, but we still have so much in common. We share our core values and we are joining this mission together, shoulder to shoulder. Our mission is to make the world a better place, by making the fashion industry more transparent, allowing you as a consumer, to make a well informed and sustainable choice of clothing. We will not accept fashion at the expense of people nor the environment and we wil work hard to make Nordenstjerne a great succes. But while we revolutionize an entire industry, our feet will be solidly grounded, and we will not compromise our core values.

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self-empowerment and sisterhood


The Nordenstjerne ambassadorship exists with one big mission in mind: to support self-empowerment and sisterhood.

Through our ambassador programme we work together with some of the brightest goddess in the universe of active women. True sisterhood is all about supporting and promoting each other, and that’s what we work for together with our amazing ambassadors.

If you want to become a Nordenstjerne ambassador, this is where the journey starts. Apply by sending an e-mail to us at: ambassador@nordenstjerne.com