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This pole athlete is talented, fierce and not afraid of showing emotions on stage – she literally screamed on stage during her performance for the Danish Nationals in 2018 – and she won. She rediscovered herself when starting pole dancing at the age of 22, and took a risk when opening her own pole studio three years ago. Camilla Behr Carlsen is her birth name, but among pole enthusiasts she is best known by her stage name: Molly Pretzel.

While she has been pole dancing for six years, her passion for dancing started many years ago.

“I started dancing when I was around 13 years old. I tried all different kinds of dancestyles, but I was never perceived as an especially good or talented dancer”, says the three-times Danish pole champion and elaborates:

“I have always been a natural at performing. But I didn’t have that extra refinement in a dance choreography. Therefore, I never really fitted into a group of dancers”.

Molly Pretzel explains how she was never picked as a dancer for the musical in school, even though she badly wanted the part, and how she was never good enough for the advanced dance classes. She says:

“Until I started pole dancing, dancing was never a great success for me. Probably because I never was really welcomed into the good classes… But I always loved dancing”.


One thing is sure though: Since Molly Pretzel started pole dancing six years ago, she has found her spot. She has participated in several competitions since then, and she has won a gold medal a handful of times. When asking Molly Pretzel why she thinks that she stands out, she hesitates for a moment and then reveals:

“I view pole dance as an art, and I always try to create a full performance. I am not afraid of using real-life emotions on stage and being transparent in my performance, so I show that I’m more than technically skilled”.

Also in her personal life, Molly Pretzel has found the right place to be. She lives together with her boyfriend, Jakob, who is a parkour instructor. They originally met in a parkour class and stayed friends for a while. Now they have been in a relationship for almost five years. 

“He is the most amazing person in the world. He is super supportive and we compliment each other very well. I have a bit of a temper, but he is really great at keeping me calm”, Molly Pretzel says with a huge smile that reveals a great amount of both love and admiration. 


… Make lemonade! That’s a saying. A bit of a cliché perhaps, but nevertheless a quote about seeing opportunities instead of obstacles. Molly Pretzel clearly lives by that. Besides being the best pole dancer in Denmark for three years in a row, winner of Pole Theatre Iceland 2018 and finalist for Pole Theatre World in 2019, Molly Pretzel is the owner of the pole and parkour studio House of Concrete in Aalborg, Denmark. She owns it together with Jakob, who is in charge of the parkour department. 

“We mainly opened the studio out of need. I was kicked out of my old studio, where I was an instructor. Therefore, I didn’t have a place to work out anymore”, Molly Pretzel says, while she takes a sip of her coffee, and then adds:

“So I opened my own”.

Molly Pretzel is humble and down to earth  except from when she’s on the pole. There, she is not afraid of jumping around, “flying” on the pole and trying new tricks without any fear of falling down. Actually, that seems to be Molly Pretzel’s approach to everything in life: She is not afraid of falling. If life ever breaks her pole, she’ll for sure take on the challenge and invent a new dancestyle. 

Watch the full video for fun facts, inspiration and useful advices from Molly Pretzel ❤

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