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Slow fashion – WHY?

What is slow fashion, and why do we choose to be a slow fashion brand?

Slow fashion is a term derived from the whole slow living movement. So that’s where we’ll start. 

Slow living, means to be more mindfull in every little aspect of your life. Living a life in balance with your body and mind, by reacting on the signs your body are sending you, all the time. Your body always knows what’s good for you and what you lack, in order to bounce back into balance.

I have been living a fast paced life for many years, and it drove me to a place i would rather not end up again – ever. Instead of listening to my body, i numbed it. Instead of taking a day off i raised my intake of coffee, energy drinks and at one point, i even had a pill box of pure caffeine in my car to wake my body up, instead of giving my self a chance to sleep in and be balanced. I almost never called in sick, instead i had a cocktail of painkillers, caffeine and antibiotics to keep going. I told my self that i was succesful, that what i did was good, because i didn’t show signs of weakness. I took away half of the qualities of being a human. Being busy and on the go 24/7, juggling multiple projects was to be succesfull, at least that’s what i believed. My job was my life, and up until today, most of the people that take part of my life, are someone i used to work with or for. But when i hit a few jumps on the road, i found out that a job does not pick you up when you fall. You are only as good, for as long as you deliver, reach your target and go beyond. When you suddenly don’t, you will be considered like a number, that are no longer profitable and the only reasonable solution businesswise is to cut you off. 

I enrolled in Nordenstjerne, because i found that both Alissia and Jacob had similar experiences at some point of their lives and part of their vision when founding Nordenstjerne, was that this is a place to work as a full human. Work is supposed to be fun and strengthen you as a person both personally and professionally, but in-between work, you also live. Both in life and your worklife, you sometimes stumble – that’s inevitable!! But in order to bounce back you need support, both from your family and your colleagues (or work-family as i like to call it, because in fact most people spend more time with their work-family than their actual family! Think about that..). When i learned what Nordenstjerne, Alissia and Jacob was about – I immediately wanted to jump right onto this project. There is no other company that i know off, that’s sustainable inside out, and that’s what slow fashion is about. 

In short, slow fashion is about creating clothes or accessories, while minding the people involved in the process, as well as the materials used. In opposite, fast fashion is about creating a quick fix, at a low price, and often at the expense of the people involved. The main objective of fast fashion, is to create cheap pieces of clothes, of poor quality, because its only made to be worn a few times before you are supposed to ditch it and replace it with something new. 

Thats why Nordenstjerne are creating fashionable items, made out of deadstock or Econyl™. Denmark has a long and proud tradition within design, and therefore we have chosen to keep our entire production in Denmark. As a bonus, this also means creating jobs and less CO2 emission, while transporting the items. For now we have chosen to produce per order, meaning that you will have to wait a few weeks to receive your order, because it is made especially to you. This is to minimize waste and avoid mass producing styles that doesn’t sell. We have made these decisions from a perspective, putting sustainability over profitability, and therefore you might find our products to be slightly more expensive, but we promise you that the quality makes up for this. In addition, it will definitely boost your aura, knowing that you bought an item, that you can wear again and again with a clean conscience, because the fabric is sourced sustainably, the seamstress got a fair pay and that you supported an upcoming green fashion brand, that are on a mission to disrupt the fashion industry.

We will have no seasons, we will work hard but with a healthy life-work balance, to be able to continuously develop our brand in collaboration with you. We will not make sustainable fashion items FOR you – we will develop our brand WITH you, and give you the power to choose what you want us to create for you.

That is what slow fashion is about. 

Belinda / Nordenstjerne


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